Saturday, March 9, 2013

Our New Home

As promised, here's my first post about our lives in Minneapolis. It's about time too since it just dawned on me that we've lived here for 7 weeks now! That's crazy to me, but I'm sure what will be even crazier is when we've lived here longer than we lived together in Utah. I just did the math and that will be November of this year. Crazy!

Well, if I'm starting at the beginning, our move itself went really well. We loaded our moving truck in Orem with the help of family and some members of the Elders Quorum. We were so grateful for their help! Then, the next morning, Chad and his dad were on their way.

They had a great trek across the Midwest...and enjoyed the "lovely" scenery.

Shout out to the best father-in-law, Mark, for making that drive with Chad. We all know you were a far more enjoyable driving companion then I would have been :)

I enjoyed my 2 hour flight after dealing with the carpet cleaners, apartment inspection, and all the last minute arrangements (much better than a 2 day drive, if I say so myself). I was also lucky enough that both of my parents were able to take me to the airport. Such a blessing.

I met up with my mother-in-law, Suzanne, at the Minneapolis airport. She had taken a different flight due to scheduling, but it worked out perfectly. I'm so grateful that she too was able to help us with this move. It was comforting to have her there with me. I was surprisingly emotionally stable and I'm sure that is in part due to her being there. Plus, her designer eye came in handy when we ran to the store to buy some things for our Target, of course!

We were very fortunate that Chad and his dad didn't run into any crazy Midwest storms. In fact, they made it into Minneapolis on Friday night and the initial plan was for them to get in Saturday morning. That made for some pretty interesting negotiations with our apartment manager, but she finally agreed to let us move in early.

The four of us quickly got to work on getting us moved in and set up, especially because we knew that later in the weekend the temperature was supposed to drop to negative 25. Eeek! A lovely "Welcome to your new home" kind of feeling.

Feeling a bit exhausted at this point.

Forget putting it away. We were just happy to have it all inside.

This is how we felt about going outside. Oh, Minnesota.

It went well though and we got everything off the moving truck, up 9 stories, and into our apartment in record time -- a little over an hour.

So, I thought you'd all enjoy some pictures of our new place. We love it!


Stay tuned for some more posts about work, church, and other fun Minnesota adventures.


  1. Very impressive, Kandace! But...don't cheer for the Timberwolves when they're against the Jazz!!!

  2. Your apartment is so cute! I'm so glad you made it there safely! And what a beautiful view!

  3. Kands I love it! Your apartment is so cute and it sounds like things are going well for you guys out there! I'm glad that the move went smoothly. Love you!

    1. Hills! I'm calling you. I want to hear what is going on with you!

  4. Yay for Minnesota! Your apartment is so cute, you guys did a great job decorating. I'm so glad you had help unloading everything up 9 stories, I can only imagine how complicated that could get!

    1. Thanks Katy! We love it. And, we need to have you guys over! It's a bummer I didn't get organized enough with this prior to your bedrest.

  5. That's great! You didn't have any hassle at all when moving in. Some people get one or two items damaged or missing because of the movers. And lugging up all those boxes then unpacking them and sorting out all the items must have been really tiring. Your new place looks lovely, by the way. Have fun in Minnesota!

    The City Block Team